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Moten Audio Productions is a mobile recording and production service located in Saint Augustine, Florida. We bring the studio to you with a recording setup designed specifically for onsite recording. If you are looking for a professional quality recording delivered right to your doorstep then Moten Audio is for you!

Making your

  Musical Dreams

come true by bringing the  Studio to you!

Cameron Moten

Mobile Recording Specialist 



Capture your sound in stunning detail with high quality audio equipment.  Let every nuance of your performance shine through with incredible clarity when you choose recording with Moten Audio Productions.



Your sound only better! Let me balance and enhance your tracks for that "perfect sound" you've been looking for. Mixing with professional quality plug-ins and effects will give your music that extra sparkle where it counts.


Need a recording of your event or recital? No problem! Moten Audio Productions can capture your music recital event or speaking event so you can relive your most cherished moments for years to come.


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